Company profile

Furthermore, we provide special services of gas, steam, water & other chemical leak repairs. The work is done without shutting down the plant, while the system is under operation.
We are the sole Israeli company with the equipment necessary for testing & adjusting safety valves, while the system is in operation.
We are sole representatives of the American CTI Industries for reconditioning in situ tubes of heat exchangers.
Metalock Israel Ltd. is operating since 1959 (under the former company, “Unilock Israel Ltd.”). Our company deals in many unique fields of operation. In the company’s early stages, our company operated in cold repairs of cast iron items such as cylinder heads, cylinder blocks & other parts, using the Metalock system.

Later on we started dealing with reconditioning of machine parts. For many years now, our company provides technical services for all high energy industries such as electric power stations, chemical & petrochemical industries, shipping companies & more.
We operate a workshop equipped with machine lathes of up to one meter in diameter and 3 meters in length. We have surface grinders of up to 4 meters in length, milling machines, various welding apparatus & brazing equipment.

Our company has been recognized for many years as the leading metal & ceramic spraying expert. We posses various relevant technologies such as metal wire, powder flame & arc spray including plasma spray equipment. Metalock Israel Ltd. is exclusively authorized in Israel for white metal bearings re-metalling, using special equipment & technologies by Hoyt of London.
Among our clients:
The Israel Electric Power Company, The Refineries, Gadiv, Rotem Fertilizers, ZIM Lines, the military industries & many others.
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